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Novice Pistol

Novice Pistol

Class: Novice Pistol

Date: Sunday, September 24, 2017

Time: 8:00 AM - 4:00 PM

Cost: $100.00

Round Count: 100

Registration Cutoff: Wednesday, September 20, 2017

This class is your first step in a lifetime of fun and safe gun ownership and is taught with a self-defense mindset. This class is for the Novice, someone who, perhaps, has never even held a handgun, or has maybe only shot a handgun a limited number of times. GunSense also offers a Fundamental Pistol class. Both classes have the same curriculum and goals, but are taught at a different pace appropriate for the baseline skills present. In general, both classes are scheduled at the same time, and when one gets the first enrolement, the other will be canceled.

Like all GunSense classes, this class is divided into both a classroom portion, to increase your knowledge, and a range portion, to increase your skills.


Students learn the 4 rules of gun safety. These are rules not just for this class, but for life. We will take a deep dive into the 4 rules, explaining the history and meaning of each rule and talk about how to apply them in everyday situations.

Students learn the proper grip, proper trigger control, and how to aim a semi-automatic pistol. Students learn how to safely load, unload, and check a pistol to ensure it is unloaded. Proper gun cleaning technique will be demonstrated. We will briefly discuss how to obtain your Indiana License to Carry Handgun and how to transport a gun within Indiana and nationwide, both with, and without, a LTCH. We will discuss how to select a firearm and safe methods to store one.


At the completion of class, you should be able to place 90% of your shots on an 8” target from 5 yards while standing using a 9mm (or larger) handgun.

We will teach those skills starting with LASER simulation. In these drills you will be shooting at virtual targets using SIRT LASER pistols or your own pistol with a special LASER insert. Once the skills have been developed through simulation, we transition to real handguns on our private range.

Each household will also receive a copy of the “Shooter’s Guide to Handguns” by Grant Cunningham. This book provides a ready reference for information covered in class and covers topics more in depth than an 8 hour class can. It also covers other topics not covered in class at all.

Each student also receives a certificate at the completion of the class. This class has no required shooting qualification or written test.

If you already own a handgun, you are encouraged to bring it with you along with ammo requirements listed above. However, if you don't have a gun already, don't buy one for this class. You can use ours and our ammo. Then you will be better prepared when you go to the gun shop. Even if you bring your own gun, I would encourage you to at least try other models.

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