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GunSense is Howard and Clinton County's only dedicated firearms training facility. We are not the biggest nor have we been in business the longest, but we do use the most state of the art training equipment and methods. We are also small, so we offer more personalized attention. Most classes are limited to just 4 students.

Depending on the subject matter, each class contains lecture, simulated firearm exercises, and live fire exercises. The lecture portion includes both presentation slides and videos on our 120" theater-like classroom, and hands on demonstrations. The simulated exercises uses laser activating pistols to shoot at both basic and realistic targets. We provide SIRT pistols for the students to use which are the form factor of a Glock 17 or 22, or we have a laser inserts that will fit the students firearm between .35 and .45 caliber. We also have a small indoor range for live fire exercises.

Upcoming Classes

Sunday, September 24, 2017 - Novice Pistol

Sunday, September 24, 2017 - Fundamental Pistol

For any live fire class (including non-NRA classes)

The NRA has a strict policy about no ammunition in the classroom. Here is the reason. During the class, we will be handling both training guns and real guns. We will also be handing dummy ammunition as we practice loading and clearing guns. After a long day of learning, it is really easy to mistake live ammo for dummy ammo, and a live round to accidentally find its way into a magazine and then a gun and then a wall. We encourage you to bring your own gun to class, but please let us check it for clear before entering the classroom. And please leave your ammo locked in your car or we will be more than happy to lock it in the range.

Here is a list of things you will need to bring to class:

  • Hand Gun
  • Owners Manual (or make sure you know how to field strip) - NRA Basic Pistol Only
  • Cleaning Kit - NRA Basic Pistol Only
  • Eye Protection
  • Ear Protection
  • Hat with Brim or Bill
  • Ammo - See class description for quantity
  • Drinks
  • Lunch (for full day classes)
  • Snacks

If you don't have something on the above list, do not buy something specifically for this class. I have loaners available. If you have your own equipment, then you will learn how to use it, or use it better. However, if you don't have something, then wait until after class to purchase it. You will probably better understand what you will want to buy after attending class.

Also, it is advised to wear closed toed shoes and a shirt with a closed collar, like a T-Shirt. When shooting semi-automatic guns, a piece of hot brass is ejected on every shot. You may get a burn if a piece of hot brass were to fly into a V-neck shirt and get trapped between your shirt and skin.

We will provide hot and cold water and coffee for drinking. We have a small fridge to keep anything else you bring cold as well.

Utah CFP Class only

Concealed carry is permitted. Please, just keep you firearm in your holster. There is no live-fire in this class, and as such there is no reason to un-holster a loaded firearm.

We will be fingerprinting in the class. Utah BCI requires ink and paper fingerprints to submit to the FBI. You have probably been fingerprinted before, but if you haven't, your fingers will be black, and the ink is very hard to get off. I would recommend you not wear your best clothes, and maybe bring a pair of gloves to protect your car.

If you have taken a recent GunSense class, then you have probably used our dummy ammo. We are now making this available for sale. Ten rounds of ammo in any color and any caliber sells for $9.00 including tax and shipping. Because I am making the ammo from SAMMI specifications, I can make dummy ammo for any gun you have, just contact me with a request.

Why do you need dummy ammo? They are useful in multiple training drills.

I am making the ammo in many colors. Typically, dummy ammo is orange as it shows up well in both gravel and grass, plus it is readily identifiable as inert. However, I am making it in multiple colors. Maybe the area in which you dry fire practice has orange carpet, then maybe another color is better suited to you. Since 380, 9, and 40 are all similar in size, maybe you want to different calibers to be different colors. Whatever your reason, we have got you covered. And, glow-in-the-dark green is coming soon.

Purchase Ammo Here

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Our address is:

9222 W 500 S Russiaville, IN 46979

However, many GPS units place us too far west. We are on the North EAST corner of 920 W and 500 S in Howard County. Look for our sign out front. You may park anywhere on the gravel.

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Larry Piekarski
9222 W 500 S
Russiaville, IN 46979


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